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  • The Best!

    by: Sam Kallen

    Phoenix Home Realty does it yet again! 2018 We recently sold our house and wanted to rent for a little while, not knowing how difficult it would be to find a rental who would allow a Rottweiler to live in the property. You guessed it right, we have a Rottweiler that we love very much and would not be the same without her. So having only 3 weeks left to be out of the house that we sold, we were in quite a pickle. As if packing and moving alone isn't enough, finding a rental with our needs was very stressful. Until Jorge and Mario from Phoenix Realty Homes stepped in and took over the situation. I posted on Facebook my concern, to find out if anyone knew of not just pet friendly rentals, Rottweiler friendly rentals, and Jorge was quick to let me know they would help and we would be taken care of. From that moment on, I truly felt that we were in their hands to help us find the new home. And they did just that, they knew we weren't looking to buy and they still went well above and beyond to help us and of course within less than a week of taking over we found the perfect rental for us, and they did everything they could to get us in it. We still had two weeks left to move and continue packing and we already had a place secured. Now as I am laying here in my beautiful and comfortable room in the new rental, I look around and realize how amazing it is to have people like them around to help. Our beautiful Rottweiler is laying here by my side enjoying just as much as we are, our two dogs feel right at home and have the perfect little backyard to play in. And that makes me very happy. The Phoenix Realty Homes team used all their resources and skills to make sure we were taken care of knowing that we weren't even looking for a house to buy. I don't know about you guys but a company that is willing to do all of this only out of pure sympathy and good intentions is the kind of company I keep close by for life. I completely recommend them if you are considering purchasing or selling your home, these guys know exactly what they are doing and they are straight up Hustler's! I will be forever in debt with them for what they did for me and my little family, they truly care even when there's nothing in it for them. They say you see people's true colors at the darkest of times, well their colors were pure and vibrant, thank you Jorge for allowing your team to help us and thank you Mario for handling this like a true champ! You guys are truly the best at what you do and we couldn't have been in better hands than yours!

  • 1st Time Home Buyer

    by: Jessica Fake

    Jessica S - 8/17/2018 Being a first time home buyer is defiantly a nerve-racking experience, but working with this amazing team made it such a great outcome. Jorge went above and beyond in my journey of finding a home. He fully guided me by providing an unbelievable about of knowledge, helped me understand the process, things to look for, suggestions etc etc. He was honest, helpful and supportive, and that meant a lot to me. I highly suggest this team of wonderful people and will continue to work with them in the future

  • Exceptional Realtor!

    by: Aaron Michaels

    Mario Radcliffe from Phoenix Realty Homes helped me sell my home and I can’t imagine how I would of done it without him! Mario’s knowledge of the industry and the market made him an invaluable resource! On many occasions, Mario had to pickup the slack where the buyers realtor and the title company fell short. If it weren’t for Mario’s immense attention to detail, there’s no way my home would of sold as fast (3 days) or for as much (offered $6k above list price). I highly recommend Mario Radcliffe for all of your Real Estate needs.